Stables with tradition

High Country Equestrian Center is a local leader in equine boarding and training. Our team has extensive theoretical and practical experience and a keen passion for training and contributing to the lives and positive experiences of others.

For over three decades, this facility offered boarding services and training. Therapeutic riding has more recently become a key offering at our Center and one that many of all ages have and continue to benefit from.


To be a progressive and exceptional equestrian center that encompasses all the varied interests of our clients and honours the unique talents and needs of each horse. Our inclusive and adaptive model of service delivery supports all members of our community to achieve their personal best.


To foster instruction, care and equine services that take people and animals higher so they may achieve their full potential inside the arena and beyond.


~ Leadership ~ of clients, students, peers, suppliers, associates and ourselves; being accountable, solutions focused and celebrating daily successes

~ Education : in equine, environmental, social, community and personal arenas; making us socially, culturally and emotionally responsible citizens

~ Wellness : in mind, body and soul of persons and animals

~ Respect : for individuality, ideas, ability, expression and experience

~ Consciousness : of the needs, wants and abilities of ourselves, others and our equine friends

~ Inclusion : of ideas, interests, opportunities and abilities of all